Peace Ornament


Steuben’s 2020 Holiday Ornament offers a simplistic, timely sentiment: “Peace.” Adorned on slightly textured crystal clear glass, the Peace Ornament evokes a meaningful wish of hope and good tidings as we near the close of one year and welcome the next.


Camel Hand Cooler


Often the leader of an arduous quest, the camel is a symbol of focus and unwavering determination. Devoted to achieving their end goal, camels remind us to keep our eyes on the road ahead, not what’s behind. 


Tortoise Suite

These remarkable vessels combines the innate heft of pure Steuben crystal with the sculptural precision inherent in Ted Muehling's nature-inspired designs. The Tortoise Suite of barware is painstakingly cut and polished by hand to achieve its stunning brilliance.



    The magical sight of a dolphin leaping above the waves passes all too quickly. And yet, when captured in Steuben glass, the moment of enchanting grace can last forever. 


    Whirlpool Vase

    To suggest the eddying motion of a gently swirling whirlpool, small crystal bits are skillfully applied to this distinctive hand-blown vase. Personalization options available.


    A Legacy Continued

    For more than a century, Steuben has been internationally recognized as the benchmark of excellence in glass. The flawless brilliance of our material, renowned craftsmanship, and timeless design are without compare. Now, under the stewardship of The Corning Museum of Glass, the story of Steuben is once again available to be shared. Produced in small quantities, each item is hand-crafted to reflect the time and care committed to the achievement of elegance and quality.

    Hand Coolers

    In the 18th and 19th centuries, young ladies attending dances employed porcelain, marble, and glass eggs to cool hands, heated by the excitement of the evening. Our line of crystal hand coolers modernized the design into exquisitely intricate works of art that nestle refreshingly in your palm.