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Hope Ornament

Incorporating our crystal clear glass with a slight texture and the single word “Hope”, Steuben’s 2021 Holiday Ornament embodies the optimistic desire for a bright future.

A seemingly simple word is packed with the complexity and understanding that with “Hope” comes trust and confidence in one’s dreams

Snow Pine


Peacefully standing tall and resilient amongst the winter weather, the snow pine is often a seen as a reminder of the holiday season. Our Snow Pine commemorates the annual search for the best tree ever.

Sea Lion Hand Cooler



Playful and inquisitive, the sea lion moves effortlessly between land and sea, adapting to its new environment with ease. Often found where resources are limited, sea lions symbolize creativity and innovation.  

Whisper Vase

Steuben's Whisper Vase achieves casual elegance by combining traditional shapes with sweeping lines cut gracefully into each vessel. Appropriate for formal dining or an impromptu gathering, the Whisper Collection adds an artful touch to your most remarkable moments